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Professional digital marketing support to make your website a success:

BCS offers full-service digital marketing support to give your website an extra boost towards bringing in more business. Our digital marketing skills are certified by Squared Online, the digital marketing qualification developed in partnership with Google and endorsed by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising. We offer a range of services and can tailor our approach to suit your business and your wider marketing approaches in Belfast and all around Northern Ireland.

We have been working with Pembroke Property Management in London on an improved return on investment with their PPC campaigns, improve organic SEO rankings and improve social media activity.

Below we go through our digital marketing services and how they can make your business a success.

Market Analysis & Planning

Underpinning all the other services is the analysis we consider to be essential to any web design or digital marketing project. We will explore how your business is performing and how it shapes up against the competition; then consider your business goals for the future.

We can conduct deep analysis of Google Analytics reports, which enables us to create a list of actions to try to increase your sales and to grow your business. We can provide you with a baseline assessment and a way to measure your performance to help you to monitor your progress towards your goals.

We can also analyse how your current site is performing and make changes to the layout and customer experience when they visit certain landing pages on your site in order to maximise your return on any advertising spend. To provide a practical example, when we started supporting Property Insurance Centre we recommended that they change their homepage to remove the clutter and repetitive text which was affecting their organic Google rankings. The redesigned homepage that we produced emphasises the main services which they offer and takes the visitor directly to the relevant page for that type of insurance. Since the redesign of the homepage was completed and the visitor journey has been simplified, approximately 75% of visitors visit another page within the site, a significant improvement on the previous homepage.

We commit to providing regular liaison with our website and digital marketing clients to review how they feel their web presence is working for them and to provide reports based on Google analytics. We can also provide a plan of action together with recommendations and targets for how we will work together until the next agreed review date.

Email Marketing

Effective email campaigns need good contacts and good content and at BCS we have a team who is ready to help you with both.

Email marketing is best suited to things like product launches, competitions and special offers. It is also a useful tool to drive traffic to your website and remind your customers that you are still there if they need you, to tell them about your business successes or update them on any changes in your organisation.

Once you have decided what you want to tell people, the next thing you need to know is who you want to share your message with. If you already have an email distribution list, this is a great start – but do you know if your list is compliant with the new GDPR legislation? If not, we are here to help before the deadline for compliance on 25 May 2018. We can review your current email lists and advise of any changes you need to make. We can also make changes to your current methods of data collection to ensure people are opting in correctly and to avoid you receiving a hefty fine for non-compliance. Our team are experienced in using optin monster to increase your sign up rates for your email database by increasing engagement rates.

If you don’t already have an email list, we can help you to create one or if you have an existing customer database, we can compile a list from it in the correct format if your customers have opted in to receive information. We can even create one from scratch if needed.

You need to make an immediate impression with your email. Now that you know what your key message is and who you are trying to communicate with, it’s time to look at how to get your message across. Whether it’s an eye catching subject, hilarious content or easy to digest graphic messaging, we have an in house graphic design team who can help you to share your message simply and in an innovative way. We also ensure that your messages display properly on the wide range of email platforms that our out there such as outlook, webmail, ipads and mobile phones – and of course all messages are responsive on multiple devices.

A well designed email encourages more people to open it, interact with it and receive your message. We offer AB testing to your mailing list to see what your customers react more positively to. This means sending two or more different emails to people from your distribution list and asking for their feedback on which they find more appealing and would be more likely to read and, most importantly, react to. This could be different graphics, different subjects or saying things in a different way. This means you can see what will work better for you before sending it to your entire distribution list.

We don’t just produce an email campaign and leave you to it – we also tell you how it went and provide ideas about any improvements you may want to try next time. Every email campaign comes with an analysis report and recommendations for future developments to enhance the impact of your campaign. We specialise in working with mailchimp, getresponse and sendinblue bulk mailing providers – but whatever your provider, we are here to help you get the most from your email marketing campaign.

Social Media Management

Lots of businesses and organisations have a social media presence but they do not have the time to keep their accounts and profiles up to date or analyse what posts are the most engaging to their clients. Very few actually use their social media tools to actually network with their current or potentially new clients.

BCS have vast experience designing and using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and Pinterest. We can offer an all-encompassing service to manage your accounts and take the stress out of keeping on top of all your social media networks. We will work with you to create a social media marketing plan and a schedule of postings which can target the relevant networks with the most engaging content at the most appropriate times. We can provide you with statistics and an analysis to show how different postings and social media accounts have performed. We can also provide you with a report on the demographics of your visitors and how to target these segments in future communications.

Social media is an excellent way to get feedback on new services or products that you launch. You will get immediate feedback (positive or negative) which will let you gauge if something is going to be successful or not. One of the other benefits is the increase in traffic to your website – not only to your homepage but also to other landing pages that you may want to encourage visitors to access directly from search engines by increasing their rankings.

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