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Content Writing & Keyword Analysis Services

Content Writing & Keyword Analysis Services


Having a visually impressive, fast and responsive website is pretty much standard in today’s business environment. But having a website that is not ranking highly on Google will not bring any visitors to your site that you can then convert into sales opportunities.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) there are basically two options available to businesses, Paid Ads (which are often referred to as Pay-Per-Click Ads or PPC for short) or Organic SEO.

Whilst we believe that there are tactical situations that lend themselves to using PPC Ads, but as a longer-term strategy, they can be prohibitively expensive for many companies. There is also growing evidence that people are becoming more aware of Ads and scrolling down to first organic results.

The alternative is to create high-quality, helpful content (guides, blogs, product comparisons, white papers etc) that are linked to keywords – popular search terms frequently entered into search engines.

Writing high-quality content that impresses both search engine algorithms as well as human readers is both challenging and time-consuming. That’s where Big Mouth Digital’s Content Writing Services come in.

Content Writing Services

Our content writing service is unique as it is carefully tailored for your business. We take the time to learn about your organisation, products and services, industry, and key competitors. This enables us to write engaging content that will resonate with your target audience and will also rank well on Google search results.

  • Blog Articles
  • Website Content
  • Press Releases
  • Product Guides and Launches
  • White Papers

For content to succeed it must be focussed on both audiences, your target audience and search engine crawlers. That is why Big Mouth Digital underpins our content writing service with detailed keyword research and integration.

Keyword Research & Tracking

Whilst content needs to be engaging and encourage readers to share with friends and family across appropriate social platforms, for search engine ranking, embedding optimised Keywords is critical.

Researching, analysing and tracking the best keywords for each piece of content is essential and requires a detailed understanding of SEO mechanics and access to market-leading keyword tools.

Ensuring that content is linked to the right keywords will result in driving engagement levels up and bounce rates down. Google will register this activity and push your website to the top of the search results.

How We Help

Content writing takes experience, knowledge and time to do properly and that is why many companies turn to Big Mouth Digital to help them with this activity.

We will work with your organisation to develop a content plan, research the relevant keywords and create compelling and exciting content aimed at your target audience.

The content will be pushed out on your website and relevant social media platforms and monthly reports will be provided detailing engagement levels and search engine ranking performance for each piece of content.

To discuss how we can work together to increase website traffic and conversion rates, or looking for a Content Writing Agency Belfast get in touch today.


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An eCommerce Formula For Success

An eCommerce Formula For Success


Anachem NI develops and manufactures a broad range of cleaning, hygiene, maintenance and odour control chemicals primarily for professional sectors. Anachem has developed many bespoke formulas and pride themselves in the knowledge that their chemicals produce the highest levels of performance in the cleaning industry.

Formed in 1991, the company trades from a purpose-built office and storage facility close to Kilkeel, in the heart of the Mourne countryside.

Anchem appointed Big Mouth Digital (BMD) to rebuild their old website to modernise it in line with their growing business and incorporate eCommerce functionality to allow for an additional online revenue stream to be developed in lieu of the current COVID-19 epidemic.


A great mixture of Process and Substance

We commenced the project with an in-depth analysis of company, solution, industry and competitor keywords and search terms to ensure that the new site would be fully optimised for search engine performance to maximise their Google ranking.

In parallel to the website redesign, Anachem wanted to incorporate eCommerce functionality to cope with the increase in demand for their COVID-19 related chemicals and services. Not only will the new site offer additional revenue streams to Anachem, but also better business continuity should more restrictions be introduced again in the future.


A Catalyst for change

The new eCommerce platform was a perfect opportunity to refresh the design and layout of Anachem’s old website. Big Mouth Digital supplied numerous initial demo options, orientated towards online store designs. We also used the occasion to take high-resolution product photos that are more appropriate for the new site layout.


Search Engine Optimisation

The finished website is fully responsive to mobile users which is essential when over 60% of internet searches are now conducted on mobile devices. The entire site is fully optimised for search engine performance to increase search engine rankings and attract higher numbers of visitors to the new site.

A streamlined user-interface has been carefully created enable visitors to quickly and easily find the chemical solutions they need, access data sheets and to place orders online.

The right Reaction

By choosing a combination of WordPress (the worlds most-used content management system) and WooCommerce (open-source eCommerce plugin) the new eCommerce site will be quick and easy for Anachem to update with new chemical solutions, data-sheets, pricing and shipping information.


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Why My New Website Is Not Generating More Traffic

Why Is My New Website Not Generating More Traffic?

importance of content creation

This is a question we get asked a lot by companies who have just launched new websites either through an agency or an in-house team. Bearing in mind that Google’s search algorithm uses more than 200 factors to rank websites, it’s not always an easy answer to provide. To make thing even more challenging, Google stays somewhat vague about exactly what and how those 200 factors rank.

However, along with nearly 60% of marketing executives interviewed, we firmly believe that on-page content creation is the most effective SEO ranking activity. This is also backed up by Search Quality Senior Strategist Andrey Lipattsev at Google back in 2016 and remains true to today. Quality, original content has consistently been a key factor toward ranking your website, pages or blogs for specific search terms. This approach will ensure searchers see your organisation as a trusted expert in your industry and help you to gain a slice of the visitor traffic.

Getting your website ranking on the first page of the search results is critical. To give you an idea of how important it is, the first five organic results (non-advert results) account for just under 70% of all the clicks. So if you want your website to be gaining a slice of those visitors, you need to have content on your website that is ranking on the first page, ideally within those first five organic results.

If you are wondering if this is all worth it and how many people are actually searching for your products and services, a great place to start is a free keyword research tool called Ubersuggest. A keyword is simply the term given to a particular word or phrase that you want to rank for to get people who are searching for that keyword on to your website.

Ubersuggest allows you to look at the volume of searches made for each keyword. A small difference in the word or phrase can make a big difference in the amount of traffic and the difficulty of ranking for that keyword. This will give you a good place to know where to start when sitting down to write your new content.

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Just to reinforce the importance of ranking, as of 2020, Google receives approximately 2 trillion searches per year. That’s an average of 5.6 billion searches per day, 3.8 million searches per minute! Your potential customers are searching for a lot of things and if they are not coming to your site…

In fact, the whole buying process has been turned upside down since the invention of the internet. On average, people do around 70% of their pre-purchase research online, before they even get in contact with a company to discuss their products or services. Ranking highly in search engine results means that potential buyers can easily research and compare offerings from the comfort of their own home.

If you are worried about the time it takes to produce quality, original content, don’t worry! We have some tips and tricks to help. Firstly, updating and reposting old content with new statistics, trends and information can still increase your organic search traffic by up to 106%.

Secondly, images are accounting for more and more search results and are returned for approx. 20% of search engine queries. Thirdly, with the target word count being 500+ words per article, getting your customers to help you with new content is a great strategy! A quality customer review or reference can easily run into 150-200 words meaning that you only need to top and tail the article with another 300 words, setting the scene and including that all important call-to-action (CTA) at the end!

If you are struggling to understand SEO Belfast, or finding the time to write great content for your website, Big Mouth Digital can help.

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Online Scheduling & Diary Integration

Online Scheduling & Diary Integration

Online scheduling is a perfect fit for growing or small and medium business, and entrepreneurs, who sell services and want to automate the service booking process. It helps to automate online appointment scheduling routine, gather leads, manage customer base, increase conversion rates and more. Integrating a seamless, automated appointment scheduling function into your website offers both your business and your customers many benefits.

What is online scheduling?

Online scheduling systems are website-based plugins that allow visitors to quickly and conveniently book appointments through any device, such as a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

The system works by adding simple “Book Now” buttons on to pages on your website that starts an automated process that books a meeting directly into your diary. Once a service, staff member date and time etc. are selected, the system will automatically confirm the booking and instantly record it without any staff action or involvement needed.

In addition online scheduling systems also offer other beneficial features like automated e-mail and text message reminders, which the system sends out to patients and booked individuals on a specific date prior to their scheduled appointment; recording and record-keeping capabilities that make it quick and simple to access data associated with a specific appointment; and repeat reminders, which the system sends out automatically when a specified amount of time has expired between appointments

Some key benefits of online scheduling:

Self-scheduling 24x7

Scheduling appointments over the phone requires an individual to call in during office hours, which can be an inconvenience for many, as they are at work at this time. Additionally, many individuals prefer to schedule their appointments online rather than over the phone. Statistics show that 75% of Millennials prefer messaging rather than talking on the phone, so more of your visitors will appreciate the freedom that comes with an online appointment scheduling.

Studies show that approx. 35% of clients prefer scheduling appointments during non-business hours, and 40% of online bookings happen outside of ‘normal’ office hours. An online scheduling system allows for 24x7 booking.

Faster Payments

Our online booking system can be configured to require customers to prepay some (deposit) or all of the fee to book time with you. This allows you to acquire new revenue as soon as people schedule an appointment. If your business suffers from a high percentage of ‘no-shows’, this approach allows you to potentially keep some of the deposit as compensation.

Less No Shows

Every industry suffers from no-show appointments and, frustratingly, there can be customers who repeatedly no-show or cancel their appointments at the last minute. Implementing an online scheduling system offers automatic email and SMS reminders that reduce no-shows.

Online scheduling also makes it much easier for clients to reschedule their bookings with you by allowing them to change their appointment online (instead of having to call in and speak to you again). This takes all the hassle out of comparing diaries for both you and you’re clients.

Time savings.

You will spend far less time on the phone booking and managing appointments, thereby freeing up your time for more important and pressing tasks. Likewise, your clients also save time, as they no longer have to call in, remain on hold, or send multiple emails just to book a

Monetary savings.

The time savings previously mentioned can translate into monetary savings. Additionally, by reducing the number of “no-shows” who fail to make their scheduled appointments. Surveys have shown that these types of reminders can decrease this number by 50 percent.

Higher conversion levels

Embedding ‘Book Now’ buttons throughout your website and social media pages will increase your conversion rates of visitors. When you have well-written, compelling content about your business and offerings, integrating a one-click button to book an appointment will maximise the chances of receiving bookings.

By streamlining the booking process rather than introducing multiple unnecessary steps to call in to your office, or fill in enquiry forms and wait for a response, you will see an increase in appointments, especially ‘impulse’ bookings coming through your website.

Full mobile integration

With more people using mobile devices than computers to browse the internet, having a responsive, adaptable system that works across all devices is essential. Customisable booking forms that work seamlessly across both mobile devices and desktop computers offers the flexibility to arrange appointments at any time, on any device.

Some of the more popular features we can offer include:

  • A fully Customisable and responsive appointment booking form that works on any device
  • A wide range and variety of filtering options to streamline the booking process
  • Allow your clients to select from an unlimited number of services to book appointments for
  • Bookings can be requested with an endless list of staff members with individual working schedules, prices, and more
  • Appointments can be set for different lengths of time and can automatically add padding between appointments to allow for Covid-19 cleaning etc.
  • Automated SMS and Email notifications can be used to keep you and your customers updated and reminded of the appointment.
  • Various templates for quickly customising any number of Email and SMS notifications
  • Simple integration with all popular online payment methods including integrated PayPal Express Checkout option
  • Easy translation setup for multi-language support (currently 12 languages included)
  • Customisation to incorporate branding and colours with a simple, sleek UI design
  • Flexible enough to suit any business model in any industry
  • Overview of the booking and payment statistics with built-in analytical reports
  • CRM functionality with an unlimited clients list which displays payment situations and internal notes about each of your client

Additionally, there are more advanced features that can be integrated as well, depending on business requirements. Here are some of the more common features you may want to consider:

Advanced feature options:

  • Group booking capability
  • Scheduling of recurring appointments
  • Coupon discount facility
  • Custom fields for further customisation
  • Special Hours
  • Multiple appointment locations
  • Special Days
  • Chain Appointments
  • Waiting list / wish list feature
Online store FAQ

Online store FAQ

Over the last couple of weeks, we have had numerous enquiries about what is involved with setting up an online store. How quick and easy it is to move your business online? Can it work with services as well as products?

With the unusual circumstances businesses are having to operate in looking as if they could be lasting up to a year, we thought we would put together a quick FAQ guide on the options for building eCommerce sites and online stores.

How long does it take to start an online store?

Generally, not as long as you might expect! Our average customer turnaround for an online store is between 2 to 3 weeks. This does depend on a number of factors, namely; 

  • What condition your current website is in
  • What system your website is created in (WordPress/Magento etc)
  • How many products/services you offer
  • The complexity of your sales process

If your current site is a WordPress site that we can add online shopping features to, we can potentially have you up and running in 7-14 days. If a new store needs to be created from scratch, you would be looking at 14-21 days on average.


How much does it cost to build an online store?

We like to keep things simple here. Many sites will break down costs for hosting, eCommerce plugins, SSL certificates etc. The only recurring cost for a website (outside of payment processing costs which you would incur in any business set-up) is your hosting costs. These run at approx. £100 per year (inc SSL Certificate) for a local, fast and reliable hosting company.

Costs are predominantly driven by complexity of features and functionality as well as the number of products and services offered.

A simple online store for upto 50 products with a single payment option, basic search and filtering capabilities and click & collect / home delivery could start as little as £1,500.00

A more sophisticated online store with several hundred products, multiple product configuration options, multiple payment methods etc would be closer to £2,500 - £3,000


What features can an online store offer?

The options really are nearly limitless! One of the main reasons we use WooCommerce is it’s flexibility. It allows us to add lots of additional features by installing various plugins. There are literally thousands of specific plugins that can be used to extend an online shop’s functionality, offering extra features like automatic booking, subscriptions, payment and shipping platform integration, etc.

  • All of our online stores are offered with the following basic features:
  • Search and filter by all key categories
  • Shopping cart and wishlist integration
  • Order online and/or click and collect in store
  • Multiple payment and shipping options


What software do you use to build an online store?

We use a combination of WordPress and WooCommerce to build our online stores.

WordPress is the most popular website builder on the market. Over 35% of all websites on the internet are currently built using WordPress. WordPress allows users to build an online store or full eCommerce platform from scratch, or add shopping cart functionality to an existing website.

WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce platform that makes it quick and easy to start selling products and services online. Over the years, it has become the most popular eCommerce platform in the world used by millions of small and large businesses to power their online stores.


Can we manage our online store to save on costs?

Yes! This is one of the main benefits of the technology we use to build websites and online stores. It is easy to make changes such as pricing, product specifications, adding new products and services etc. Whilst we are always on-hand to answer questions and help in any way we can, we love seeing our customers take ownership of their sites and stores and develop them further over time.

We always include full user training on all essential functionality before the site goes live. We will guide you through the first updates you make until you are confident you’ve got the hang of it.


What Kind of Products I can sell with WooCommerce?

You can sell any kind of products or service through an online store, providing it is configured properly for your business. If you are supplying physical goods (products that require shipping), There are extensions that allow you to integrate dropshipping capabilities, auction site and multi-vendor marketplace features.

For services, there are plugins to use your store as a booking platform for example. One of our latest online stores is for a beauty clinic. The store allows customers to book times for treatments directly into their diary and take payment in advance. Read the Glam Skin case study here.


Can I integrate Dropshipping into an online store?

Yes, you can. In fact, WooCommerce is the most popular choice to build a dropshipping store. There are several excellent plugins that allow you to easily handle orders, manage vendors, and basically automate the whole process.


Why not use a SaaS eCommerce platform instead?

These are definitely options worth considering if you have the time and experience yourself to build your own online store. One of the key questions we ask our customers is whether the intention is to create an online store simply to get through the current unusual economic conditions or, if you are going to keep the online store going when things return to ‘normal’ – whatever that may look like.

Whilst the up-front costs can be lower using an eCommerce platform provider, you will find your monthly/annual cost significantly higher. The standard costs of the two most popular eCommerce platforms is circa £80 per month and the advanced packages are circa £250 - £299 per month. There can be other additional costs incurred through payment processing for example. If you do not wish to use the proprietary payment solution offered by Shopify, they will charge you an additional +2.0% fee on top of the 2.9% charged by the likes of PayPal and Stripe for example.

There are many other factors to consider in this scenario, but to try and keep it simple, when building your own online store, you are paying more up-front to build a site specific to your requirements that you will own outright in perpetuity. With a SaaS platform provider, you are renting space to create your store with lower up-front costs, but are tied into much higher monthly charges.

Why You Should Monitor Your Competition

Importance of Monitoring Your Competition

Don't underestimate the importance of monitoring your competition, their website, social media and search engine optimisation activity can provide great insights and knowledge into what is working and what doesn't within your market.

Keeping an eye on your competitor’s web site and social media profiles should be an important part of your digital marketing campaign. Below are some of the reasons why you should keep a close eye on the competition!

Identifying who they are:

In addition to your awareness of the local competition you should regularly look at google and see who is competing with you in your desired keywords e.g. Electrician in Belfast. Those businesses on the first page are your competition and you must go through every page of their website and social media profiles to see what they are offering, what they do well, what content they are creating is engaging well with members of the public and what products/services they emphasise on their homepage.

Awareness of new products/services:

You will find out what products or services they introduce into their business and then decided on whether you should start offering the same and if so what can you offer with it that is better than your competitor. E.g. cheaper price, special offer, next day delivery, better guarantee, installation in the home, etc.

The keywords they are targeting:

By closely monitoring your competition you will see what keywords they consider to be important (header titles, meta description, heading titles on pages of content, etc.). Incorporate the ones you consider to be important in your SEO strategy and see how you can improve on it, e.g. write blog articles with those keywords incorporated in them.

Incorporate into your digital marketing planning & exceed what they offer:

Monitoring your competition is important

importance of monitoring your competition

While monitoring your competition is important, copying them directly is not enough. You must exceed and improve on what your competitors offer, e.g. emphasise and prove that your customer service is better through video testimonials, independent reviews (trip advisor if relevant). You can go down the line of competing on price but customers will pay the same or a bit more if you can improve on what additional services you can provide.

If you would like to have a chat with us about how we can improve your digital marketing give us a call now 07739 010266 or use the contact form below.