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Having a visually impressive, fast and responsive website is pretty much standard in today’s business environment. But having a website that is not ranking highly on Google will not bring any visitors to your site that you can then convert into sales opportunities.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) there are basically two options available to businesses, Paid Ads (which are often referred to as Pay-Per-Click Ads or PPC for short) or Organic SEO.

Whilst we believe that there are tactical situations that lend themselves to using PPC Ads, but as a longer-term strategy, they can be prohibitively expensive for many companies. There is also growing evidence that people are becoming more aware of Ads and scrolling down to first organic results.

The alternative is to create high-quality, helpful content (guides, blogs, product comparisons, white papers etc) that are linked to keywords – popular search terms frequently entered into search engines.

Writing high-quality content that impresses both search engine algorithms as well as human readers is both challenging and time-consuming. That’s where Big Mouth Digital’s Content Writing Services come in.

Content Writing Services

Our content writing service is unique as it is carefully tailored for your business. We take the time to learn about your organisation, products and services, industry, and key competitors. This enables us to write engaging content that will resonate with your target audience and will also rank well on Google search results.

  • Blog Articles
  • Website Content
  • Press Releases
  • Product Guides and Launches
  • White Papers

For content to succeed it must be focussed on both audiences, your target audience and search engine crawlers. That is why Big Mouth Digital underpins our content writing service with detailed keyword research and integration.

Keyword Research & Tracking

Whilst content needs to be engaging and encourage readers to share with friends and family across appropriate social platforms, for search engine ranking, embedding optimised Keywords is critical.

Researching, analysing and tracking the best keywords for each piece of content is essential and requires a detailed understanding of SEO mechanics and access to market-leading keyword tools.

Ensuring that content is linked to the right keywords will result in driving engagement levels up and bounce rates down. Google will register this activity and push your website to the top of the search results.

How We Help

Content writing takes experience, knowledge and time to do properly and that is why many companies turn to Big Mouth Digital to help them with this activity.

We will work with your organisation to develop a content plan, research the relevant keywords and create compelling and exciting content aimed at your target audience.

The content will be pushed out on your website and relevant social media platforms and monthly reports will be provided detailing engagement levels and search engine ranking performance for each piece of content.

To discuss how we can work together to increase website traffic and conversion rates, or looking for a Content Writing Agency Belfast get in touch today.


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