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Web designers near me – why choose a local web designer?

Web designers near me - why choose a local web designer?

There are plenty of campaigns about the importance of shopping local, so why pick a web designer you never get to meet in person? There are lots of offers on television and online for low price or free websites, but when you look at the detail, you get a free template but then you are charged a monthly fee for using the service which you often have to pay for upfront for the first year. You have to use the pre-set templates and if they don’t cover everything you need, you get charged additional premiums for any alterations or additions you want. Cheaper options will tie you to the number of email addresses you get for your staff and there will be advertising on your site which you can’t opt-out of without making further payments. You will produce all the content and while you can probably make some customisation, your site will look the same as lots of other sites. If you need support, it will have to be by phone and in some cases, you will even be charged by the minute for your call.

Local web designers like Big Mouth Digital offer a completely different level of service. We have over 15 years’ experience working directly with hundreds of businesses and community organisations in Northern Ireland and Ireland, so we know how things work locally. We believe in meeting our customers face to face and getting to know them and their businesses so we can suggest the best approach tailored to their needs. We have clients in a wide variety of sectors from professional services to retail to charities, so we know the key things to discuss to help promote different types of organisations.

Unlike the ‘free’ websites which have a mass of hidden charges, when we give you a quotation for a site, it will include all the things you actually require – so the price won’t keep growing as you design your site. We do our homework at the start and provide you with a quotation to enable you to choose if you want to proceed. We don’t get you part way through your design and then tell you that you will need to pay extra for the part you actually need. We will help to pull your content together, so while we need you to tell us about your organisation and share any branding you have already developed, we can help with logo design, photography and videos if you need it.

Another big difference from free website services is the all-round service a company like Big Mouth Digital can offer. We don’t just let you set up a standardised site and leave you to fend for yourself, we can provide much broader digital marketing advice on things like how to make your site more easily found, keywords to include in your content and what kind of approaches your competition are taking. We can help you with your social media profiles and campaigns and ensuring all your digital marketing is working together towards your goals.

Here are a few examples of some of our recent projects to show how we can help:

Developing short and long term strategies prioritising key marketing activities including website redesign to focus on conversions, easily understood case studies and facilitating customers to leave independent reviews on the site to encourage other potential customers. Reviewing and monitoring the company’s pay per click strategy to focus on reducing costs per click and to enable testing of different landing pages to determine the best approach. Creating blog articles and managing their social media postings following a monthly content planner to ensure relevant, useful content is developed on an ongoing basis.

Help with landing page conversion by optimising the current website’s search engine optimisation and looking at the visitor experience. Developing a content strategy following discussions with the client and a review of competitor’s keywords to ensure the site was meeting the needs of its visitors. Pay per click management to focus the available budget on the ads with the highest performing conversions. Overall improvement in traffic organically and via pay per click with no increase in budget.


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Looking for a Web Design Company in Belfast

Web Design Companies Belfast

Need a Web Design Company in Belfast? Call Big Mouth Digital

If you are searching for a web design company in Belfast, get in touch with Big Mouth Digital.  Honesty, integrity and trust are at our core.  We are an agile company which guarantee you will get the personal touch.  We always take the time to get to know our clients and their work.  Whether you want to improve your online profile, move up the rankings on google or grow your business, we find out what you need from your website and digital presence and then we research your current performance and your markets to see how we can help.  We always give an honest view of your aspirations and we don’t make false promises.  We will explain how we can use our expertise to help and what is achievable within your budget.

Big Mouth Digital is one of the more affordable website design companies serving Belfast.  We have spent sixteen years supporting businesses in a wide range of sectors from financial service organisations to retailers to community based groups.  We are happy to take on any size of project from small five page websites to ecommerce sites selling thousands of products.  We specialise in WordPress and customise our sites to give you the power to make your own updates to things like blogs, products and news updates.  We provide onsite training for your team once your site is developed to ensure they are confident to manage these updates but we are always at the end of the phone if you have any difficulties.

Unless your website is purely designed to provide information to a group who know where to find it, websites will not perform unless they are continuously updated, provide interesting and informative content about your area of expertise and encourage people to take action such as contacting you or making a purchase.  At Big Mouth Digital we also encourage organisations to use promotional or ‘how to’ videos or animation to get your key messages across and we can design these to suit your key messages mirroring your branding. 

If you are short of time or need more help to meet your targets, we offer full support and digital marketing packages so we can do updates and provide extra help on a schedule which suits your needs and budget.  We believe in continuous learning and improvement, so our ongoing support includes competitor and performance reviews as well as full reports on how your site is operating and what your visitors are doing on your site.  We can monitor ‘call to action’ aspects of your site and see if they are performing as expected.  We will look at everything that is happening on your site and use our expertise to recommend if any changes are needed. 

If you want to know more about what we could do for you, take a look at some of our recent projects here.  Here’s a quick overview of two of our latest sites:

Mortgage Solutions NI: Our tailored package for Mortgage Solutions NI included website design with an inbuilt automated Chatbot to provide a 24/7 interactive marketing and customer service function.  To capture the significant volume of searches for mortgage calculators, we also added a calculator to the site.  Word of mouth convincing is a key aspect of this field, so we provided client testimonials clips to enable real customers to explain why they would recommend Mortgage Solutions NI.

Value Home Solutions: Home improvement is a very fast moving field and customers expect organisations to be very responsive to their requests, regardless of the time of day.  The owner was responding to comments and questions single-handedly and the introduction of Chatbot on their new website has made a big difference.  Our focus on organic search engine optimisation including keywords, content creation and backlinks has helped to increase traffic to their site and improved their current ranking positions.

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