User Interface Mistakes to Avoid

In a previous blog entry we mentioned three common mistakes when it comes to Belfast web design. User Interface design, also known as UI design, refers to all aspects of a website’s design that are visible to the intended viewers. One of the most essential parts of UI design is its usability–how functional it is in a practical way. With this in mind, here’s what to avoid in UI design.

Using colours that don’t fit your branding

You don’t want anything about your design to distract viewers away from whatever you are trying to sell. Don’t use colours that don’t mesh with branding. Do, however, stay consistent with the use of colours–if one text link is blue, then all others should be, too. Don’t forget about people who are colourblind.

Being inconsistent in general

It’s best to pick a few design tools that you want to use and stick with them. If you’re going to have one button change colours when you put a cursor over it, then all other buttons should use the same effect.

Ignoring mobile users

You can put so much energy into getting the design right for your desktop website but if it won’t look or function well on different devices, you’re going to lose some customers. A responsive or mobile-friendly web design will keep you going.

Including too much text

People likely would rather begin benefitting from your product or service as soon as possible rather than read more than they need to about it. Figure out what you need to say and say it succinctly and clearly.

Creating more pages than necessary

While each of your pages should have a clear purpose, you still do not want to have too many pages that exist only to bring viewers to another page or that could be included elsewhere. A prime example is ‘Top 10’ type articles, where each point of the list is a separate page. The viewer may be interested in the content, but they’d rather it be all on one page.

Too many web forms

Another thing to watch out for is sign-up forms where potential clients have to go through several pages. Keep it as simple as possible for everyone’s benefit.

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