Top tips for Mobile User Experience

For the last 3 or 4 years all the websites that have been designed by BCS Web Design, located on Castlereagh Street, Belfast have been tested to ensure that they work properly on a wide range of mobile phones. If you are looking to start a new web project or are looking for a redesign in order to be ‘mobile-friendly’ then get in touch to see how we can help.

Keep it concise and to the point:

All of the content that you have on your desktop version of your site does not need to appear on the mobile version. People will want to see more lists and any information that is important to your business must be easily read and found on mobile devices.

Fast Loading:

Every time that your website takes another 0.1 seconds to load on a mobile the more of a percentage of your visitors you will lose. Therefore, remove any unnecessary videos or fancy animations that you have on a desktop or tablet version and replace it with a picture or a slideshow that is optimised for and only is for smart phones.

Always make sure that click to action points are easy to see and click on for the mobile version:

Depending on what your main goals for visitors to do are it is important to make sure that links to online stores, click to call or email areas are clear to see and easy to tap on a mobile device.

Test on multiple mobile devices:

There are lots of mobile phone website emulators on the internet that you can use to view how different manufacturers of mobile phones will display your website. If you notice that there are major issues with certain types of devices let your web designer know so they can make the necessary corrections. Not every visitor has a Samsung S/Galaxy or an Iphone and if you do not test it on different devices you could be losing potential customers as they are put off by the fact that they cannot see your website properly.

Use your google analytics to see what information is most important when people visit your site:

Constantly review your google analytics statistics to see what information visitors consider to be the most important sections or information on your website. After you have analysed this then make sure that the most important content is front and centre of your website. E.g. if everyone is clicking on contact us page in order to find out where you are and the location of your business then make sure that a click to call and a google map is located on your homepage as not everyone will click on contact us to find this information.

Make content easy to share if you have a blog section:

If you do have a blog or news section, make sure that you have social media share buttons to make it easier for people to share the information or tips that you have written on your blog. This helps spread the word about your business and helps attract more traffic to your website.

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