Three Mistakes to Avoid in Web Design

There are a lot of decisions to be made when it comes to web design in Belfast that depend on the purpose of your site. With this in mind, we can’t tell you in a blog post which specific design elements you should use, since it depends on a lot of factors. There are, however, a few universal mistakes in web design that we see when looking at hundreds of websites a year. Here’s a three things that should be avoided.

Unreadable font

Whether it is too small or just plain difficult to read, unreadable font should always be avoided.

In terms of size, 12 point font may have been acceptable for your college term paper, but you should go a bit bigger for your site. 16 point is often the minimally accepted size, as anything smaller can be hard on the eyes. However, if you have to have a lot of text on one page you could set your minimum as 18 point. For headlines, make the font big and bold enough that someone scrolling down the page would want to stop for it.

Another way to keep the font readable is to be aware of the colour contrast between the font and background.

Rotating Sliders

These are those pesky pieces on sites with revolving images, often advertising different news stories or sales. One of the problems with this is that people who are in a rush will likely not take the time to look at each item. Another issue is that they get ignored, as they look painfully similar to banner ads. If you do have several offers that you want to highlight on your homepage, put the most important one on the top as it would likely be the only one that would get fully viewed if you used a slider. Everything else can go tastefully below it.

Not Highlighting Your Calls to Action

If you want users to ‘sign up now!’ make this clear by giving the link an accent colour to draw attention there. Too many times the call to action is left hidden with all the other text on the page. You can also make a call to action button in a colour the will grab the reader’s attention.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, these are just three of the most common mistakes we see in web design. If it’s time for an upgrade your Belfast site, start a project with us today.

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