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Search Engine Optimisation has changed a lot in the last couple of years. It used to be all about page titles, keywords and meta descriptions but now it is also important to optimise your site’s loading time, add articles as blogs and keeping your social media profiles updated with relevant and engaging content. In order to reach and maintain a high ranking on search engines such as Google website owner’s need to update their website on a regular basis.

As a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing we get regular updates on the latest trends in all types of marketing including SEO. We also complete regular online training sessions to keep up to date with the latest methods in improving and maintaining your search engine listing. We offer digital marketing services such as blog creation and management, we can analyse your website’s visitors and we can give recommendations and advice on how to get the best return on your investment in relation to organic search engine optimisation.

We offer a social media profile creation and management service in order to optimise your engagement with your followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. You can read more about our social media service here.


In order to see if organic search engine optimisation methods are effective on their own without significant additional investment through Pay Per Click, we recommend to our clients that they wait 3-6 months after launching their new website or having a site redesign before they engage our pay per click services. BCS only recommends Pay Per Click to larger businesses which operate in a highly competitive market or those who are sure of a good return on their investment.

We can look after all the elements of your pay per click campaign including keyword research, customising where and when your ads appear and specifying which devices ads will be displayed on. In addition we offer display based ads which are becoming more popular as they give a better return on your investment. Display based ads have a higher brand awareness and with innovative designs can increase customer engagement.

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