Promoting your business in Belfast

Promoting your business in Belfast – is your website up to the task?

At the recent European Cities and Regions of the Future awards Belfast was ranked in the top ten European Cities for its economic potential including the strategy it is adopting to attract foreign direct investment. Belfast City Council highlighted that Belfast has Talent, Tax and Technology and now is the time to invest.

Whether your business is based in Belfast or elsewhere in Northern Ireland – are you ready to promote your business and take advantage of the changing landscape?

While some small or new businesses feel that a website isn’t for them – remember most websites help people to find you, learn more about your products and avoid timely phone calls explaining who you are and what you do. Recognition online doesn’t happen overnight – so you need to identify and register your domain name, set up hosting and establish an initial presence as soon as possible to allow your business to be registered and found by web search engines. It’s also useful to do this when establishing your brand identity to avoid wasting time if you can’t find a domain name which is similar to your business name leading to costly changes in the future.

Businesses without an online presence are missing out on the opportunity to promote themselves locally and globally. Most consumers now access the web via mobile devices such as phones and tablets so keeping your website mobile accessible and up to date is also critical. Older websites simply don’t display correctly on the new platforms and old images or content gives the impression that the business is old fashioned and out of date. This can result in the site ranking low on google making the business difficult to find and mean that customers opt for your competitors. Google has also updated its algorithm to determine how websites are ranked and sites which ranked high in the past are now falling down the list because they haven’t kept up with the new approaches.

BCS has worked with businesses in Belfast, Northern Ireland and Ireland for many years to help them to firstly identify what they need to promote their business online and secondly to put the best options in place. Maybe this is:

  • A new logo or brand identify
  • A new website or a fresh approach to your current website
  • Optimising your website so that it can be found more easily
  • A social media presence or a new way to approach your social media campaign

Whatever you think your needs may be, we would love to discuss your options with you. Please give us a call or use our contact form to give us your details and we will call you back.

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