Preparing content for your new website around Belfast

Preparing Content for your website

When deciding to update a current website or launch your very first it is important to have a clear direction in your head. It is always a good idea to look for examples of websites that you like online. Whether it is the structure, colours or the homepage image slider you can pick out the best ideas to carry over onto your website.

Depending on the website the timespan of the project can vary but being well prepared will drastically speed up the process. Before starting a new website it is important to have pre written content on your business and all the services/products offered. The more text the better as this will help improve your ranking within Google. Having a good detailed explanation of your business will help build up trust from customers as they will know you are experienced within your field. As well as written content it is important to have a clear and consistent brand throughout the website and all marketing materials.

We will need customers to provide us with all colours included within the company colour scheme as well as fonts to be used across the site. We can help assist in font choice and colour or help you find similar fonts which may work better across all devices.

Imagery can make a massive difference to any website both in a positive or negative way. It is important to prepare some images you would like us to include within your website. Thinking where these images should be placed is also an important step. For example, picking a main image for the homepage as well as more subtle imagery for backgrounds. Imagery can help reinforce your brand and feel that you want to get across to customers. It is also important to think of what different pages will be within your website and what will be included in them. Some pages are necessary like a basic about page and a contact page for potential customers to get in contact.

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