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Now offering youtube promotional videos in Belfast

The top 4 most important social media networks in the world are Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and Youtube, youtube is the most important when it comes to sharing video worldwide. It is not just used for silly viral home movies but also by companies who want to give video demonstrations of their products, a visual manual of how their products work or even to launch their products/services regardless of target market (business to business and business to consumer).

Another important benefit of adding youtube videos is the importance to your organic search engine ranking. Most link backs to your website from another source improves your ranking but a linkback from Google’s You Tube will improve your site’s listing. BCS Web Design now offers youtube video production for any businesses looking for the following:

  • Video testimonials from clients
  • Interviews with members of staff for promotional purposes
  • Product user guides/frequently asked questions

Some interesting stats on Google (according to Smart Insights), that youtube is the dominant video channel in the US and UK with roughly 60 hours of new video uploaded each minute, it is the 2nd most visited search engine after Google and the third most visited website in the world.

We have found a lot of clients that we have met recently use youtube to find the answer to a question rather than search through google for a written solution to their problem. Therefore, video user guides or walkthroughs on how to use a product that you sell will attract potential clients or make them happy customers as they are given a guide on how to look after or use your product.

You do not have to sell or give user guides for physical products, an accountant could attract visitors to their site by giving a 5 minute video of them giving tax advice regarding a recent change by the HMRC. Another example would be a software company releasing a walk through guide on how easy it is to use their software along with the benefits of using the program compared to their competitors.

Benefits over a written document:

  • Allows you to get a lot of information across in a shorter space of time
  • A face behind the business that proves your expertise in the subject along with how passionate you are regarding the product/service.
  • Anyone who sells a physical product can bring it to life with a video rather than a static product.
  • It keeps your visitor on your site longer and reduce your bounce rate which improves your google ranking.
  • Your video can include a click to action at the end or during the video e.g. buy the product here or visit our website to find out more information.
  • If you produce videos on a regular basis you will attract audience loyalty to your products or services, increasing the number of subscribers to your youtube channel will mean that they are informed when a new video is released and can even lead to advertising revenue from youtube if you get a good number of channel subscribers.

If you have been looking for a production company in Belfast to help you create a youtube promotional video get in touch with BCS Web Design.

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