Tips on creating the perfect landing page:

BCS has worked with a number of customers on improving their website’s landing page. We changed Property Insurance Centre’s homepage a few months back and they noticed an immediate improvement in the number of customers who click through to the relevant page on the type of insurance they were looking for and submitting the quote forms that exist on every type of insurance landing page. They also noticed a massive improvement in their bounce rate, down to 18% from 80% a year earlier. Visitors are able to see the information they are looking for and therefore are engaging with sections of the site than before the redesigned homepage. We can work with any existing website and do not always completely redesign a site, we will work with our clients and work out what messages you are wanting to communicate and redesign any landing page that we feel is necessary.

Headlines, copy and how you convince/reassure visitors to trust your business:

Clear and concise headlines on your landing page (normally your homepage) is important and vital when it comes to mobile visitors. Also try to reassure them that you are the best at what you offer through independent reviews, emphasise the awards that you have won and finally any accreditations that you have e.g. ISO 9001, only bosch approved garage in the area, etc.

Repeating some click to action points is fine:

Make any click to action sections of your site strong so that people can view them clearly, e.g. start a project, request a quotation, etc. Also make sure that any forms are easy to click or fill in on mobile devices as if they do not function properly on a smart phone people will go to one of your competitors which works properly. Click to action areas can also be repeated on any page just in case visitors did not see the first one, always give people at least 2 areas that mention contact details or whatever action you are looking for visitors to do.

Double check any copy you have on your website:

Sounds straight forward? Still a lot of people have websites with spelling/grammatical mistakes that make you look unprofessional. Ask one or two other people to check over your website before it goes live.

Avoid stock photography unless you have no other choice:

Stock photography can easily be detected by a savvy internet visitor. They can make your business look like you are not as big as you let on to be. Therefore, when possible take photos of your actual business or carry out any service that you offer.

Avoid taking people away from your site:

Some websites have links that take people to their suppliers or any other site they feel is relevant to their business. Please avoid this as much as possible as it is taking people away from your website and the possibility of converting them into an actual customer.

If you are looking for a landing page for your website get in touch with us on 07739 010266 today and see what we can do for you. A Landing page costs only £200.

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