Most Important Social Networks for Businesses in Northern Ireland

What are the most important social networks to businesses in Northern Ireland

Lots of our clients when they approach Belfast Web Design & Digital Marketing agency BCS place a lot of importance around one social media network (Facebook) and ignore the others. Facebook does not have a higher importance to search engines than the other social media providers out there. We find that Facebook is not always appropriate for every type of business.


Most appropriate for business to consumer with physical products to sell. E.g. we have found car part suppliers, florists, etc. do very well from Facebook and have higher numbers of followers and better engagement with clients on Facebook compared to someone offering financial services.


Has a tendency to be used by their users to post more messages per day than Facebook. Usually ignored or neglected by businesses who spend any available time on Facebook. This is still a popular network of people who have a genuine interest in your business instead of all those thousands of Facebook likes gained by offering competitions! Twitter should not be neglected as it is still a free method of increasing your brand awareness to millions of potential clients. There are now tools out there such as Hootsuite which can post the same message to different social media profiles at the click of a button.

Google Plus

Another social media network often ignored. It should be used and updated regularly as Google (used by the majority for search) owns it and has complete access to all the content posted on it, which is important for SEO ranking. Commonly regarded as a network that very few people are using but whether it is popular or not, Google will like you better if you use it on a regular basis and link back to your website when possible.


Excellent way of communicating your message by video to millions of people who use YouTube viewers every day. Great for product information/demonstrations, promotional viral videos, etc. Good SEO ranking with Google from a link back point of view.

Linked In

Excellent for business to business communications. Used by a lot of businesses to headhunt potential employees but also to get into local (Northern Ireland) community boards on lots of business related topics.


Less well known than some of the other networks Pinterest works in a similar way to Instagram. It has a large number of users who use it to share images around the world. Pinterest has a high page authority which is important for search engine optimization as you can include some of your keywords in the captions for any photos that you “Pin” and link any posts back to your website. As with any social media profile they must be updated on regular basis in order to maintain your high ranking position.

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