Importance of mobile friendly web design in Belfast

Importance of mobile friendly web design in Belfast, Northern Ireland

In our series of articles that mentions the importance of mobile friendly web design I will discuss an article released by Smart Insights that discusses the importance of mobile marketing.

In 2013 this graph shows the number of shipments of smart phones is more than computers, TV’s and tablets:

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This proves that websites must have a weighted approach to the experience of visitors who visit by mobile phones and making it easier to find whatever you are trying to promote to them e.g. buy a product, fill in a contact form, etc. We also feel that it is important not to forget that desktop users are also important and still account for around 40-50% of your website’s traffic.

A lot of people are concerned about the cost of redesigning their site so it is mobile friendly. BCS Web Design will redesign your website and ensure that it is mobile friendly from only £799+VAT, the other benefit of a redesign is a more marketing centered approach to your design ensuring that visitors can easily find the information your business considers to be important.

Update your website yourself:

Writing and adding new relevant content to your website on an ongoing basis is now essential for improving and maintaining your position in the search engines. With a wordpress content management system (CMS) our clients can add articles to their website on a regular basis. It must be relevant and engaging content if you want to be at the top of your desired keywords and it must be written in your words and not a direct copy from another website.

For some of the most recent consumer trends in the UK released by Google please go to this site

The following infographic shows stats from a couple of years ago with regards to how many people have started using multi-screens – computer, tablet or smartphone at the same time or in the same purchasing decision:


This is a trend that we have witnessed with our clients and do ourselves. Part of our purchasing decision is to do research on a mobile phone, read reviews, compare prices on sites that we know and trust such as Amazon or ebay and then afterwards make the final decision and purchase on a desktop or laptop.

How your online marketing strategy also needs to change:

It is not only important to make sure that your website is mobile friendly but if you spend money on pay per click campaigns you can weight your bidding process to spend more of your budget on mobile ad display compared to desktops and tablets.

One of the other main marketing decisions to make is to decide on what the most important message/s are when visitors visit your site e.g. get a quote, view product of the month, special offers, coupons, location or call us now. These decisions will be different to the desktop version as you can promote more on a larger screen compared to a mobile phone.

You also have to consider what sections of the site needs turned off from the desktop version to the mobile one. Not everyone has access to 4G connection speeds and a big turn off to potential clients would be a slow loading website. We have been working with Tahoe Restaurant Delivery in Lake Tahoe, USA and they have generally poor mobile data connection speeds, therefore, we have made the decision on what images, etc. are disabled on the mobile version of the site.

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