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Importance of blog writing in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Driving more visitors to your website:

Not everyone is looking for just the name of your business or a few of your targeted keywords. Some people will be searching for relevant subjects in your field, e.g. if you run an online shoe store people might not search for a particular brand of shoe but type in narrow fitting Italian shoes in Belfast. Therefore, if you write a short interesting article with that in the title of your blog and link through to relevant products and a small write up regarding the shoes (in your own words, not a copy from the manufacturers) you will attract more relevant traffic to your site without having to invest more in PPC campaigns.

Prove your expertise in your chosen fields:

When people come to your site they want reassured that you know about your particular industry. People are continuously searching for answers to questions such as the top SEO tips for car retailers will drive traffic to any SEO professional’s website for car dealers looking to be on the first page for Google.

Another example would be if you wrote an article called the top 10 tips for people looking an extension in Belfast would be beneficial for builder in Northern Ireland to write. This will drive more traffic to the builder’s website and if he is deemed by the visitor to give good advice they will then look at other areas of his site and even hire the builder to do the work.

It keeps on driving traffic to your website:

Any articles that you create will continue to drive traffic to your site unlike all other forms of marketing (including digital), advertisements, PPC campaigns, etc. They will stay on the internet for as long as you like and attract visitors who are asking the same questions as you have written blog articles to answer them.

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