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Have you embraced the mobile experience?

Predictions in 2008 suggested that mobile usage would overtake fixed internet access by 2014. We are now two years past that point – and all you have to do is look in the window of any restaurant or café or go on public transport to see that this is evidently now the case with smartphones and tablets visible everywhere. So what does that mean if you have an online presence or think you may need one?

Basically it means that if your website isn’t mobile friendly or you haven’t considered using social media – you are behind the times. If your site does not appear properly on mobile devices people are likely to get frustrated trying to look at your information and if your competitor’s site appears more clearly – people will opt to go with them.

Whether you are considering a new site to raise awareness about your community group or business or you need to update your old one, here are a few things you need to think about:

  • Websites don’t go to sleep! More and more people want to order things 24-7 at a time and place that suits them – so if you are thinking about selling things online you need an easy to use, mobile friendly e-commerce site. If you offer appointments or rent out a holiday home – consider an online booking system. It’s worth considering how you can make your site continue to work for you when your office is closed for the night.
  • Good imagery and content makes a good site – take time to think what you are trying to portray and what images you would want on your site, particularly if they need some planning to get a special background e.g. sunshine! If you are considering an e-commerce site – can you get professional imagery from your supplier or do you need to take your own? If you are not happy that your own photography will be good enough, BCS can now arrange for a professional photographer to do this for you at a pre-agreed rate.
  • Good customer service has always been important – but it is even more so now when a bad review can go viral in minutes. People can now show their opinion of your business immediately and people trust online reviews and are likely to seek them out before they use your services. Whether your reviews are positive or negative – this is a valuable opportunity to interact with your customers. Thank those who say nice things – and use the opportunity to apologise or explain things to those who make negative remarks.
  • Being found on google is critical and the criteria for ranking changes all the time. It takes time for new sites to rank and proper search engine optimisation is critical to help you get towards the top of Google’s listings. Linking your location on Google maps and entering your contact details will also help people to find you more easily.

If you would like to discuss how BCS Web Design can help you to develop your strategy and deliver your online presence, please contact us.

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