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Five Benefits of Google Analytics

At BCS Web Design we use Google Analytics every day to view statistics on how our own website and monitor how our client’s websites are performing in order to make marketing decisions for the future.

1. Date range of statistics:

You can view a long or short date range of any of your statistics or reports. At the top right hand corner of your analytics dashboard click on the arrow beside the date and you can select any start or end dates, you will only be able to view information for as long as google analytics tracking code has been installed on your site for.

Google Analytics Statistics

2. View what your visitors are doing:

Up at the top left hand corner is a “Search reports & help” area. Here you can ask for reports such as Landing Pages:

Google Analytics Visitor Statistics

This will tell you which pages people are entering your site on. The “/” will normally be the most popular one as that is your websites homepage.

The main dashboard screen will also tell you how long they stay for and what your bounce rate is. The lower the bounce rate the better, the lower number means that less people came on your homepage and left on the same page, a lower percentage tells you that people liked what was on your homepage and clicked on additional content to find out more, buy the product or find out contact details to get in touch with you.

Other handy reports are “Behavior > Site Content > All Pages”. This tells you the number of visitors who visits the different pages on your website. Finally, “Behaviour > Site Content > Exit Pages” gives you excellent insight into what pages your visitors leave your website on, e.g. if a high percentage leaves on your homepage then you need to think of a cleaner layout which makes it clear how to navigate to other sections of your website such as special offers, services or latest news.

3. Where your visitors come from:

The “Audience > Geo > Location” report gives you an insight into what countries (and even counties) your visitors are coming from. For example, if you are a business trading in Northern Ireland it is handy to see how many of your sites overall visitors are actually from NI.

4. What devices your visitors use::

Lots of people talk about the importance of your site being responsive or ‘mobile friendly’. If you search for “Audience > Mobile > Overview”, it will show the percentages of desktop, mobile and tablet visitors to your site. If your website is not mobile friendly you are potentially loosing around 45%+ of the visitors to your site who upon visiting can’t be bothered to zoom in and out of your site to view it and will just go to a mobile friendly competitor’s site instead.

5. What keywords people use to find your website:

“Acquisition > Campaigns > Organic Keywords” report will give you an insight into the keywords that people search for when they click on your site e.g. Auto Electrics Belfast. It is a good indicator as to which targeted keywords are performing well and which ones need some more optimization work.

If you are need some help, advice or training on how to get the most from your company’s Google Analytics account get in touch with BCS Web Design.

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