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Tried and tested methods for improving email marketing in Northern Ireland

Monitor how your campaigns are going:

It is important to stage the timing of the different campaigns in order to see what is working and what is not. You need to monitor how many people are actually opening the emails, how many email address are valid (bounce rate) in your mailing lists and how many people are actually clicking on the content of the email.

It is recommended that you constantly are monitoring how different campaigns are performing to see what subject headings are the most important along with what mailing content works the best in terms on converting a visitor that opens the email to someone who visits your site or some other CTA (Call to Action) such as call the business, enter a competition, etc.

Customised campaigns for smaller numbers of recipients:

When possible make your emails personable to the people you send to such e.g. Dear Frank, you recently purchased a blender we are offering 20% discount on additional cutting accessories. This involves more time when building your customer database but will give you a higher return in customer engagement.

Choosing the best Subject Lines:

Always keep the subject title short and to the point. Content of the email must be customized and relevant to the subject line. E.g. If you are offering 50% discount on a product or service, make sure that you have details and link through to the option to purchase it with the discount instead of one product at 50% product discount and 10 listed with lower discounts. Another example is if you offer top tips on saving money on moving house make sure that the content of the email is short and to the point as well as beneficial to customers.

Avoid putting text in images if possible:

When possible stay away from displaying important information on images placed in any mailing content. Most email providers will not automatically download images. Content cannot be immediately seen and people are less likely to download pictures when they are unsure of whether it is safe or not to do so.

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