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Email marketing can still be effective.

Congratulations – you have just made a sale – but will your sales receipt be your last contact with your customer? It is easier to sell more to a customer who already recognises you than to convert those who are unfamiliar with your brand. As part of your wider marketing campaigns, email marketing can be a valuable tool to maintain this relationship and by keeping in touch with your customers you can remind them that you are still there if they need something and make them aware of any special offers which may appeal to them. And what about those who register on your site but don’t go on to purchase? Again, this is a potential source of people who are interested in your products.

The important thing about these people is that if you have set up your system effectively, they will have opted in and given permission to be contacted by email and you won’t be viewed as an unsolicited emailer. If you have gathered the correct details, you will also know a bit about what to send to different users e.g. what type of product they were interested in, their contact details, whether they want to receive newsletters, offers etc. and how often. This all combines to enable proper management of your communications to ensure that both you and your customers/subscribers are happy with the arrangement.

Just because it may be a bit more difficult doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also use email marketing for non-customers. But this needs to be done in a more targeted way and this takes research. You may want to join another company and send a co-branded email or rent space in another’s e-newsletter or simply research those who are likely to need your products if your market is specific enough. They are many options – and the correct one for you depends on what you are trying to sell and to whom.

Regardless of who you decide to target – you need to remember you need the right message as well. Clearly laid out offers and newsletters with engaging content will help readers decide whether they want your product and the information you are sharing. If you miss this important part, having the correct email addresses will not help! Then finally – you need to know whether it worked – so you need to set a target and monitor the effectiveness of your campaign.

If you are considering email marketing as part of your customer engagement, BCS are here to help you to improve the impact of your campaign – just give us a call.

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