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Can your online store auto detect visitor’s locations and change currency automatically?

We were recently asked by Winning Tenders Academy to have a system that automatically detected the visitor’s location and display their products online in the visitor’s own currency. As with a lot of requests with wordpress websites you can either spend a long time writing a lot of code or look for an affordable plugin.

After a bit of searching we found Woocommerce Multi Currency Store’s plugin from code canyon (an excellent online resource for finding affordable plugins for wordpress, etc.). This plugin had good reviews online and BCS have used it for over 3 months now without any issues. It worked straight after the install without too much configuration other than selecting the currencies that you want to accept. Winning Tenders Academy have also had customers in Ireland and France test out the online store to make sure that the site displayed prices in Euros.

If your online store sells to countries with different currencies, it helps convince visitors to purchase from you if you display in their currency. Although some current e-commerce packages have the option to pay in different currencies they either do not detect the currency/country of visit automatically or require you to update current conversion rates manually. This plugin solves these issues for you for a very low investment.

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