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Digital marketing services made easy for Belfast and NI businesses

Competitor analysis. PPC. Organic SEO. Mail chimp campaigns. Blogs. Whether these are familiar phrases or mean nothing at all, BCS are here to help you with all your digital marketing needs.

From £150 per month we can help you to identify and create a strategy which is tailored to your business and your target audience. We can then deliver these on your behalf to allow you to focus your time on the other parts of your business. So what is this all about?

  • Competitor analysis: Not only can we undertake a performance review of your website, social media and digital marketing approaches, we can also summarise what your competitors are doing well and not so well. Which keywords they are using to encourage visitors to their site, what layouts they have adopted to improve user experience or how their social media tools are engaging with customers – we can look at a range of things to help you to plan what you will or won’t do differently.
  • PPC: Means pay per click. This is when you pay google to have your website appear at the top of their list when someone searches for given words. These words are called keywords and it is important that you have good research on what are the best ones to target for your business. BCS can help you to identify what keywords will work best for you – and also tell you how competitive these words will be i.e. how many other websites will be trying to get to the top of google’s list for the same words. We can then help to identify what budget will be required and then produce a bespoke plan to achieve the most with your budget. Most importantly we can also agree your baseline performance and then give an analysis of the statistics from your campaign on an ongoing basis to make any changes necessary to ensure you get the most from your investment.
  • Organic SEO: SEO stands for search engine optimisation – and organic SEO means how people find your site naturally without you paying to appear at the top of google’s list. Unlike pay per click, this means building the best keywords in to your site so that google finds you automatically. This generally works better if your business is not in an extremely competitive market or your keywords are not competitive. New websites take time to develop their organic SEO – so in this case BCS can provide advice re whether pay per click or organic SEO are likely to perform better. BCS can also assist you to improve your back links. These help your site to appear higher on google without the need for a pay per click campaign.
  • Mail chimp campaigns: Mail chimp is a programme which can send multiple emails at a time to a list of addresses which you provide. BCS can write your email and then send it on your behalf. If you are not sure who to send your emails to, we can also undertake market research and create email databases for your target market. We can also use Mail Chimp to provide statistical feedback on how your email campaign has performed.
  • Blogs: A blog is a short narrative which is uploaded on your website and can be linked to your social media. Its purpose is to identify that you are an expert on a given topic and show that your website is being updated regularly and that the content is current – not just sitting unchanged for long periods of time. Examples could be daily or weekly news articles, short narratives about your new work or products or stories about your customers or topics of interest.

These are just some examples of the digital marketing tools that BCS can help you with. We can create bespoke strategies for agreed periods e.g. 3-6 months or longer and combine other tools such as facebook advertising, social media topics and approaches and website redesign or refreshing. Whatever your digital marketing needs, just give us a call.

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