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The Importance of Digital Marketing in Belfast and all areas of Northern Ireland

Social Media:

Before you start worrying about facebook advertising or increasing the number of likes or engagement work on building your credibility. What we mean by this is try to get as many positive reviews from your current client list who use facebook, this builds up your credibility and will reassure any potential new clients that you are a genuine business. Limit the number of people who have access and are responsible for updating your social media profiles and if possible approve them with management before posting. Also ensure that any posts are within company branding policy guidelines.


Research and test different subject headings, email content and timings of email campaigns to see which ones work best before sending out 100/1000’s of emails from your database. We have found that email subject headings that mention saving money on a certain item/service work better than offering a specific discount (unless it is 50%) but the content of the email must be relevant to the subject heading and actually offer something that the chosen audience is interested in.

Get involved in the right social networks:

It will help your brand awareness if you take some time to get involved in the right social networks at the right time. An example of this would be if you sell baby products join net mums or Facebook toddler groups and help people out with any problems or questions you are able to answer. If you take 2 minutes out to help out one person your potential reach of your brand expands to the tens of thousands of followers of that particular group.

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