Some tips for Creative Web Design in Belfast, Northern Ireland:

BCS Web Design has been designing websites for customers of all sizes since the beginning of 2004. We offer a one-stop-shop for most design and website solutions. We can cater for customers who want a logo designed and nothing else to one who requires an e-commerce solution for over 5,000 products.

Logo design:

A professionally designed and easy to read logo for your business is the first step to impressing your visitor and ensuring them that you are running a legit business. One that takes into consideration your company colours and is used in all branding materials.

Get rid of clutter:

A lot of websites are overloaded with images and fancy animations, keep the fancy tricks to a minimum, especially when it comes to the mobile version which confuses visitors and can detract them from the main selling messages or the click to action areas that drive engagement and potentially a customer. Give visitors space between the different features/sections of a website so they have time to think about the message that they have just seen.


It does depend on the target audience but a good tip with regards to colour is that a site should look elegant and professional looking. Smaller dashes of colour is more commonly used with a majority of websites now. Using the colours in your logo is also recommended when possible to keep everything looking like all brand communications used by your business.


Only use fonts that can be read by the wide variety of browsers and devices such as tablets and mobile phones. Another tip is to be careful with headings as they may look ok on a laptop screen but absolutely massive on a smart phone.

Design most pages like a landing page:

Most of the work in terms of design, click to actions and message/s communicated is carried out on homepages and then ignored with the other sections of your website. Remember that not everyone who searches for you on search engines enters your site on the homepage, sometimes they land on your about us page, examples of your work, etc. Therefore, the design and main click to action areas must be repeated on all pages, e.g. get in touch with us on 01234 567891.

Test your design:

Ask your customers what they think of the design of your site and take their feedback/suggestions on board. They will give good suggestions in terms of the appearance of the site and how easy or not they can find out certain pieces of information about your business. A sample section of your target audience you ask for feedback will be honest about whether the design and flow of your website works or not.

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