Belfast is Best UK City for tourism – is your business ready

Belfast is Best UK City for tourism – is your business ready?

Belfast has won the Best UK City Award at the Guardian and Observer Travel Awards 2016. With over 700,000 enquiries to the Visit Belfast Welcome centre in 2015 – is your business ready to look after our visitors and encourage them to return?

Whether your business is Belfast’s top tourist attraction, an accommodation provider, a taxi company or a restaurant, bar or café, we all want to encourage people to come to Belfast and use our services. If you have no website or online presence it is much harder to attract visitors – a modern, mobile accessible website is a must to ensure you can be found. It must be up to date and kept fresh to ensure that your public face on line is as friendly as the welcome you give visitors when they enter your premises.

While some small or new businesses feel that a website isn’t for them – remember most websites help people to find you, learn more about your products and avoid timely phone calls explaining who you are and what you do. Recognition online doesn’t happen overnight – so you need to identify and register your domain name, set up hosting and establish an initial presence as soon as possible to allow your business to be registered and found by web search engines. It’s also useful to do this when establishing your brand identity to avoid wasting time if you can’t find a domain name which is similar to your business name leading to costly changes in the future.

Being recognised online does not happen overnight so for those without an online presence or new businesses, the sooner your register your domain name and set up hosting the better. Having a properly established online presence includes appropriate search engine optimisation such as registering properly with search engines such as google to show your premise on google maps and highlighting your opening hours and key business information. Client feedback is also now a critical aspect and visitors may opt for places which have positive online scores and feedback.

If you would like to talk to BCS Web Design about how we can help you to increase the number of people finding out about your business, we would love to hear from you. Please call us or complete our contact form and we will be in touch.

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