2016 Belfast Web Design Trends

2016 Belfast Web Design Trends

Design trends are always changing, and web design is no different. With technologies advancing and trends for the amount of users that access the web on their mobile devices versus their desktop changing, web design is sure to become more diverse each year. Here are just some of the projected 2016 web design trends.

#1: Material Design

One result of the move towards smartphones as a primary mode for accessing the web is the rising popularity of Material Design. This concept was developed by Google and it’s now developing to include extensions and kits, so its use will continue to become more widespread.

#2: Illustrations, instead of photos

Connecting with the users of your website in a personal way is a great way to keep them engaged and wanting to stick around. The use of illustrations can do just that, as many people are better able to relate to simple imagery rather than flashy photos. The type of images you use on your website can greatly impact the message you want to project, and this is one way to reach a wide range of people.

#3: Cinemagraphs

At the same time, flashier images in the form of cinemagraphs are gaining more attention as the technologies behind them continue to improve. HTML5 Canvas is now available for wider use, and many other tools have become accessible to the public to produce high-quality cinemagraphs.

#4: Bolder typography

It’s not just what you say that matters, but also how its message is conveyed. Typography can be a great marketing tool, and diversity in this area has become more accessible to the wider public so it can be expected that more creativity will show up here. You can expect to see more use of unique fonts, larger type size, and bolder colours on websites in 2016.

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